We so often hear that laughter is the best medicine.  There is ample evidence, Maryland Medical Center; Psychology Today, April 2005;, to name but a few resources, that make a good case for the health benefits of laughter.

According to many sources, laughter can help protect our heart, enhance the immune system, reduce stress, release endorphins in the brain, reduce pain and/or discomfort, and even lower our blood-sugar levels.

Laughing Clubs International, an organization founded by Madan Kataria, M.D. in 1990, continues growing across the country.  It has been found that, once begun, laughter is contagious and is spurred on by the laughter of others.  We have all had the experience of connecting with another person and getting the giggles.

I invite you to bring  laughter into your daily life.  Seek out a local Laughter Organization, read a joke a day.  Remember to keep it kind and clean.

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