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There is great merit in poetic expression.  Life’s experience presented in rhyme and prose offers us concise and powerful images upon which to meditate.

To wit: this weeks word expressed poetically.  “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~Anais Nin


An equinox marks a time of equal hours of light and dark in a day.  There are two per sun-calendar year.  Today is the Vernal or Spring Equinox.

To the ancients these cosmic cycles were of great importance.  The remains of great stone monoliths throughout the world  are testimony to the powerful significance of marking the four solar seasons.  Stonehenge in Europe and Chaco Canyon in the U.S. are good examples among many.  ‘Civilized man’ is seemingly not as dependent on these solar events to signal or initiate actions of planting and harvesting, of preparation for summer and winter.

Yet the precise patterns quartering the solar year gave rise to celebrations and rituals proper to each season; bringing tribes, clans, communities and families together at regular intervals and connecting them to the rhythms of their worlds, physically and spiritually.  Traditions that continue today in various forms the world over.

For me the Equinox marks the beginning of the Spring Holy Season; a time of renewal both physical and spiritual.  Wishing each of you the joy and beauty of this Sacred Season.


I have it…UGH!  Catch up with you all next week.  Enjoy the rain.


My current ‘dream cycle’ is a very active one.  Mulling over a dream fragment from last night and, sychronistically beginning some prep work for a Dream Workshop coming up in April, gave me the inspiration for this word of the week.

Dream is both a noun and a verb.  Dream research demonstrates that everyone dreams.   Dreaming from a literal perspective is a valuable tool for understanding ourselves.  But there is more beyond the dream experience occurring in our sleep.  As applied to a dream job, partner, home or vacation, it means having (or hoping for) the ‘ideal’.

We also day-dream.  Spend time in a reverie or fantasy; we can also dream-up stories, profitably or not.  To dream is also to ‘imagine’.  I believe that day-dreaming combined with active imagination can spark ideas that can become reality.  A new profession, hobby, place to live, an invention, a recipe, a book topic, music, lyrics, and more can originate from this process.  But so like our sleeping dreams, we most often forget these inspired moments as quickly as we forget last night’s dream.

This week I invite you to a fresh look at your dream world…inside and out.