December 2017
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I am often asked if there is a difference between a phone reading and a reading in person?
There is no difference in the nature or the quality of the information in a phone consultation vs. an in-person session. I have clients who have experienced both. They all agree that the ‘difference’ is the in-person, tactile contact.

How long have you been doing this work?
I was born very intuitive/psychic and have been doing this work most of my life. It was only after a life-changing accident, several years ago, that I began to use my gifts and abilities on a professional career level.

Have you had any special training?
No. My gifts and abilities have been with me since birth. However, even though I have formal education in Political Science and Psychology, my greatest teacher has been life itself. Being an avid non-fiction reader, I have pursued self-education and experiential learning with a passion.

How long does a reading take?
The length of time for a reading varies according to many factors. You may have several questions or several topics for which you want information. Or it may be that one topic needs to be explored in depth. I am very fortunate that most of the time I am able to provide information very quickly.

When a client is unsure about how much time they might need, I will schedule for 15 minutes, but allow for a half-hour or for a half-hour and allow for an hour. If we do not exceed the scheduled time there is no additional fee.

Being prepared as possible before an appointment can assist you in getting the information you want quickly.

Who are your ‘guides’?
I have only one guide, the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean if you don’t have answers or information for me?
Although it does not happen very often, there are times when the information a client is seeking simply does not come. I believe this occurs for two reasons: it is not information that you should have at this time, or that I am not the person through which the information is delivered.

How often should I have a reading?
I believe that having a reading one to four times a year is appropriate, depending on what is going on in your life. This is different from intuitive or spiritual counseling or life coaching. In these instances on-going regular appointments for a period of time are the norm. Such on-going appointments can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Again, it depends on the person and the circumstances.