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Community is many things.  Essentially it is a group coming or being together, as in a community of plants or a village of people.  This ‘coming together’ is on my mind today for a variety of reasons.  Saturday’s events included a “Nifty Fifty’ party for my middle daughter.  It was held at our favorite Community Club in Forestville.  I was, as always. impressed by the coming together in celebration.

My thoughts also extend themselves to the family of a dear friend whose little daughter is gravely ill.  A community of family, friends, medical/hospital staff have come together to support each other and this precious little girl through this scary and uncertain passage.

I invite you to ponder on the examples of community in your own life and in the world around you.  What does your community look like?


Yesterday was Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is June 17.  What perfect moments to reflect on what we have inherited from our parents and our ancestors.

Beyond the passing down of ‘things’ there is a trove of traits and characteristics that we are heir to.   We hear catch-phrases like he is just like his father; she got her good looks from her mother.  As we age I think we all can begin to identify with certain looks, manner of speech, traits and talents (good or not so good) that have been passed on to us through our genes.  And we will pass similar tendencies on to our children.

But beyond the genome  is nurturing; how we are treated within our family of origin, our community, our culture, and our environment.  These are powerful factors that contribute to the shaping of our individuality; our uniqueness.

These respective special days give us an opportunity to honor, to forgive, to nourish and to embrace our inheritance.



As I was planting a new herb garden and deciding what vegetables to plant this year, I began to muse on garden as metaphor.  Gardening is a true joy for me.  As I’ve grown older the emphasis has shifted from the intensity of backyard food production to flowers.  I have my favorites.  Petunias, hydrangea, azaleas, begonias, iris, poppies, cyclamen, carnations, roses and ornamental grasses to name a few.

The analogous garden of life, of family and of friendship came into my meditation.  How similar they are in terms of the beauty and richness they add to our lives if we cultivate them with loving care.  All gardens need tending, weeding, fertilizing, watering and loving attention.

Are the gardens in your life thriving?


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