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It is that time of year in my neighborhood.  As many of you know I am not a fan of cold weather.  It is 7:30 am and the thermometer on the covered porch reads 28 degrees.  Not as freezing as yesterday, but at these temperatures two or three degrees difference are no matter.

What you probably don’t know is that I am a ‘energy miser’.  Beyond the usual energy-saving strategies is ‘babuska’ wear.  Yes, it is true.  Inside my home I wear a wool blend scarf twined around my head and neck.  I seriously  look like a Russian Grandmother.  I am also wearing two pairs of wool socks tucked into LL Bean slippers, two shirts and a house-frau jacket.  I have not yet found gloves adequate to keeping my fingers warm while using the computer and providing the flexibility needed.

I am not about to heat the whole house (no wood stove here) as I sit working in one room.

There are some other activities that help me  handle the cold.  Excercise. Any movement helps; dancing in the living room is one of my favs this time of year.  I also ‘save’ the dishes from the night before.  Doing double-duty, morning kitchen chores warm my hands and fingers.  Still would like to find the perfect gloves.  Of course, they need to match my ‘babuska’ outfit…or maybe not.

I am counting the weeks til Spring!




Well, I did it.  Upgraded to Windows 8.  The word upgrade makes me think …better, improved, maybe easier.  Not so fast.  I am not tech-savvy; so what was I thinking!

There are some things I like, that do seem easier, really different, but easier.  And then there is the rest.  I backed up with a flash-drive and good thing.  Not much moved forward and it seems I can’t go back.  So begins the tedious process of re-loading, down-loading and bringing forward my desk top and all its information.

I feel like I am starting my PC affair from scratch.  Ah, the upgrade.




Yes, it is that time of year; out with the old and in with the new.  The time when we commit to swapping ‘old’ habits for ‘new’ habits; commit to losing the extra Holiday pounds (or more); and a myriad of other changes we wish to make to enrich our lives in the coming year.  Most of us have a list of resolutions; most of us fail to complete our commitments.

This year I invite you to focus on just one resolution.  Create realistic strategies to help you reach your goal and don’t forget to build in  rewards along the way.  It is also vital that you create a plan that is compatible with who you are.  So the first step in setting your goal is to realistically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember, change is a process, not an event!

Happy New Year to all!!


Eve is the time preceding an important event.  Eves fill us with wonder, excitement, anticipation.  Depending on the event and circumstances surrounding it, we can also experience stress, worry and anxiety; often all these emotions at the same time.

Today is Christmas eve.  There is no better time to take a breather, a time-out.  Even a few minutes to breathe, to meditate, to rest can add enormously to our enjoyment, and ease our stress.  I invite you to take some time today (and tomorrow) to keep the sacred in the secular.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!


In the wake of another mind-numbing mass killing, the renewed call for gun control reverberates throughout the country.  The spotlight shines again on the tip of the iceberg.

If we are truly serious about change, then it compels us to look beneath the surface; to look at what we continue to overlook.

If we are truly serious about change, then it is time to consider banning guns and gun-violence from television, movies and video games.

If we are truly serious about change perhaps it is time to have a serious dialogue about our position as the world’s largest arms exporter (Stockholm International Peace Institute).

If we are truly serious about change, limiting our news media to ordinary reporting versus prolonged hyper-sensationalization of gun violence should be seriously considered.

If we are truly serious about change, taking an in-depth look at our collective psyche is imperative.

These are the things below the tip of the iceberg that we are not willing to consider, let alone change.





“I want to share my secret with you.  I have learned to tame the beast within, and I do it without strain.  I use my spiritual powers.  I know that they are the true basis for my outward actions.”  Spiritual Tarot, Echols, Mueller & Thomson (1996).

Finding the strength within to manage life’s vicissitudes is a process not an event.  Growing stronger in faith and understanding allows us to stand firmly in grace and act in love.  We don’t do it perfectly.  But continuing in the work, we become a mighty Oak. Growing from a little acorn into a magnificent structure, able to withstand storms and provide shelter.


I have always lived with a certain level of organized personal clutter.  Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk?”  This comforting quote serves me well throughout the year.  However, there is a period of about three to four weeks late October through mid-November when my home office is a gargantuan mess.

This is the time when I bring the cornucopia of gifts I have collected throughout the year out of the closet;  join them up with recent purchases and then surround the pile with empty boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon and bows, scissors and tape.  I am blessed with a big circle.

I do prioritize; GGK’s (great-grand children) first, then GK’s (grandchildren), packages to mail, December birthdays, and finally the rest.  As I wrap, label, decorate and begin dispersing the mass to the garage for temporary storage, I listen to soul-soothing music to help me stay on track and not go nuts. I keep muttering to myself that I am not going to keep doing this, and then…another season sneaks up on me.  To my amazement the closet is again full of gifts and I am always surprised!

I forge through the resistance to go pyro or rent a dumpster.  And then the moment comes.  The last packages have been processed, mailed and warehoused.  I return unselected gifts along with all the accoutrement to the closet (which I took the time to re-organize).  I clean, dust and vacuüm.

Turning on the little twinklie lights that outline the window and listening to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir belt out ‘Hallelujah’, I am content.  The chaos is over.  My regular messy is wonderful!


Early Sunday morning I saw a very captivating TV spot.  It’s  focus is a young lad, cap on backward, a baseball and a bat in his hands, standing at home plate in a deserted ball park.  As he readies himself to throw the ball into the air and hit it as it comes down, he states out loud, ‘I am the greatest batter in the world!’  Wiff!  ‘Strike one’.  Again, he tosses the ball into the air announcing, ‘I am the greatest batter in the world;’  and again…wiff!  ‘Strike two.’ He turns his cap around. For a brief, intense moment he becomes one with his bat; he sets his feet; and in a steady, steely voice he claims with authority, ‘I am the greatest batter in all the world’…Wiff!  ‘Strike three’!

The batter is stunned.  He stands motionless.  Then a profound realization washes over his face.  His eyes light up, as a satisfied smile creeps across his countenance;  then he announces with great pride and confidence, “I am the greatest pitcher in the world!’

I have not a clue regarding the sponsorship of this ad, but what perspective!




For me Thanksgiving is the quintessential  Fall harvest celebration.  The perfect time to enjoy the fruits of the labors of Spring and Summer; relishing family, friends and food.  The ‘thanks’ part is relatively easy; the theme is built right into the very fabric of harvest.  The ‘giving’ part maybe not so easy.

A few years ago I was introduced by a good friend to his ‘tradition of giving’.  A week or two before Thanksgiving he would go out and buy 25 to 50 turkeys.  Then he would strat giving them away.  Some went to food banks and other charitable entities, but his great joy was handing out 10 or 20 randomly.  (At Christmas he would do the same thing with jackets and blankets).

As the Holiday approaches I invite you to participate ‘in a random act of giving’ in addition to your usual charitable contribution.  It need not be grand or expensive for that is not the point.  A five or ten dollar gift certificate for your favorite grocery store,  coffee shop, gas station, pie shop; a bouquet of flowers; or just buying a turkey or two to give away.  It is fun.  It feels good.  It enriches us all. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


I was mildly surprised that the primary definition of surprise is to ‘attack without warning; to take unawares’.   Several times a month I am surprised in some way or another.  For example, this past week I was surprised by seasonal temperatures well above normal; really warm, sunny, beautiful weather.  Followed shortly by unseasonally cold temperatures; frost, bone-chilling cold, premature winter.  This experience is more in line with secondary definitions like ‘astonishment’ and ‘amazement’.

Then there is the ‘surprise‘ party….  Similar to the recent swing of temperatures, I found myself on the giving and receiving side of these events.  Within less than 10 days my emotions were swinging between the two extremes of successful surprise;  rich and moving experiences.  I will be smiling with surprising contentment for the next several weeks.


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