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Sitting on my desk  is a ‘renewal Request’ for a magazine subscription.  The word Renewal caught my ‘Word for the Week’ attention, and I reflected on my Saturday guided meditation.  Experiencing, in little less than an hour, a deep relaxation and a profound energetic centering is a rich renewal.

To make new, to refresh, and to make strong, these are the primary definitions of renewal.  A vacation, a mental-health day, a lunch break, prayer and meditation, restful sleep, exercise, bathing, deep breathing, all these are some of the ways we renew our whole being.  However, to have the fullness of these experiences requires focus and intention; mindfulness.

It is not easy to achieve this renewal in a world, culture and society that is moving at breakneck speed, and, which is more often than not, chaotic and dissociative.  All the more reason to take a few moments to focus, intend, be mindful and renew.



While reading the Crystal Light Newsletter in the midst of this powerful Mercury retrograde (ending August 7) the word relinquish caught my full energetic attention.  I have always believed that Mercury retrogrades give us opportunit to see more deeply into some part of our selves.

Astrologically the Sun is in Leo, leading us with fiery wisdom to strengthen the connection between our heart and soul.  As we continue in the labor of birthing a new age, the strengthening of our core being is imperative; hence relinquishing.  The task here is to examine our ‘stories’ and our ‘old beliefs’ and to give up the ones that no longer serve our personal growth.  Through this process we allow new possibilities to enter our lives.


With so many words  passing through my mind and my mouth in a day,  it shouldn’t so hard to single out one word to be the word of the week.  But, alas, Monday is here and I am fretting through a list of words (about 400), perusing my surroundings and combing through my mental storehouses for the word.  Almost an hour has gone by.  Finally I have a resonant response to sustain.  To provide nourishment and to endure are the definitions that engage me.

My mind drifts to a documentary I saw recently about sustainable farming; how logical, how natural, how healthy.  But it is meaning ‘to endure’ that fully draws my attention.  To sustain in this way is to be unbelievably patient, to tolerate what seems intolerable, to manage time and circumstances as best we can, and to be faithful.  Indeed, I believe that enduring is essential to the building of faith; sustainable faith.


There are a variety of definitions for float. The one I am focusing on is  “…to move gently through or over….”  I chose this word today because I want to re-frame my feeling, my attitude from ‘trudging’ to something lighter.  ‘Trudge’ was the word I was entertaining posting in the Word of the Week.  However the energy of a laborious but steady march through my chores, appointments and other obligations is not how I want to feel.

Because visualization is not a strong point for me, I need to find other ways of bringing the energy of re-framing to fruit.  I have always loved to swim; love  to be in the water, and I have always been able to float really well.  So, when I feel the ‘trudging’ energy flowing through my consciousness, I imagine myself floating in my favorite lake.  I am totally supported by the warm water.  As my ears are underwater, my mind is silent.  I am lifted above trudging and I am able to float through the weekly demands.

Are you ‘trudging’ or ‘floating’ this week?



I recently saw the last part of  a Charlie Rose show where he was interviewing Phil Stutz and Barry Michels.  I saw and heard enough to know that I wanted to read their book, The Tools: Transform Your Problems Into Courage, Confidence and Creativity.

I am almost half-way through the book.  I am cleaning out my ‘tool box’, getting rid of some that are out-dated, adding a couple of new ones: stream-lining my process resources.  Personal growth and emotional/spiritual maturation is no easy task.  However the rewards are priceless.

So this week I invite you to inventory your tool box .  If you don’t have one, create one.  You won’t regret the effort!


On July 4, 1776  our Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.  The 13 colonies comprising about 2.5 million people now had the freedom to govern themselves.

We have come a long way since 1776, and the Patriot Act definitely changed the face of personal freedom in America.  As we mark this important day in our Nation’s history, I invite you to focus your consciousness on the freedoms you enjoy and the price that was paid for them.

Enjoy the week and celebrate safely!!


Speak to Melannie LIVE on the Radio!!

I am so excited to announce that  I will be hosting a one-hour call-in radio show live every other Tuesday, beginning July 3rd, at 1:00 pm on BBS Radio.  The show is called ‘Insights’.

The subject of the first show is: Are You Psychic?

I invite you to call in, ask questions, and receive answers.  Or just tune in. You can find the show, and more information at:, Station 1.  Click ‘Radio Schedule’ in the left hand column and go to ‘Tuesday at 1:00 pm to see my profile.

Thank you all for your on-going support!

Tuesday, July 3rd at 1:00 pm PST and 4:00 pm EST

Call in numbers:
Toll Free US/CAN





This year seems to be the season for hosting friends and family from out of the area, as well as a banner season for Birthday celebrations; and it is wonderful.  I love to entertain. It is one of my favorite meditations.  Planning, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and creating ‘atmosphere’  brings my entire focus to the moment.  Setting the space for relaxed, deep connection, for catching up and  for just loving each other.

I have a dear friend who entertains me in her home.  She is a master at creating a calm, relaxed energy so conducive to the above.  Setting this tone adds an unseen depth to entertaining.  It allows us to fully entertain the experience of others; to be fully present, inviting that deep connection.

I invite you to entertain your thoughts, ideas and plans for creating atmosphere that invites and allows the bonding experience to grow lush and rich.


Many years ago I chose Insights as the business name for my work.  In the past 5 years or so,  I see more and more businesses using the word insight(s).  As defined insight is, ” the power, act, or result of seeing into a situation: UNDERSTANDING….”

As is common to we humans, I move along not giving much conscious thought to the power and intention of naming beyond the initial act.  Like  really comfortable shoes, I slip into them daily without thinking about how well they fit.  Then I read the following in Gabor Mate’s book, When the Body Says No, Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection, “…knowledge and insight have the power to transform….”

Just a few hours later I listened to a voice-mail from a client that I had not heard from for some time.   Among the many  beautiful and insightful things she said was this, “…you give really, really good advice…and I am now advising myself.”  I smiled.  A smile of contentment in the work well done by both of us.

I am extremely fortunate in that I get a lot of feedback from my clients which constantly validates and supports my work; my insight.  These two proximate events brought me a warm reflection and I am thankful to my Creator daily for these precious gifts.

I invite you this week to bring insight into your life.



Last fall I planted a Meyer Lemon and a Eureka Lemon.  I love lemons.  The efflorescence of the Meyer dwarf brought a very pleasant surprise.  The delicate, intoxicating smell of the beautiful little white blossoms.

I was also giddy with excitement to see the first blossoms on my tomato vines and hail hearty blossoms on my strawberry plants.  In a moment of sadness as I recalled how the rain ruined all the blossoms on the Santa Rosa Plum tree for the second year in a row.  Then happy again because the pollinators are here, dutifully fertilizing my little backyard garden.  Then looking again at the beauty of the lemon tree, I thought about the saying, “…bloom where you are planted.”  Quite appropriate for me after a week of difficult insights and attendant decisions.

For me the lesson of the Lemon tree and the Plum tree, is experienced in a blossom of truth. When one tree fails to blossom in a season, another gushes with a sweet abundance.