Give and Take

A fair exchange, a balance, can be summed up in these two words, give and take.  We most often express this idea in the act of commerce, buying and selling.  Our commerce is based on the premise of ‘fair exchange’ and ‘good faith’ transactions.  Inequities in this exchange, perceived or real, can and do create a range of responses from minor disappointments, to violence and full-out war. 

To focus the law of exchange primarily in the material world is short-sighted.  The tenets of give and take  apply equally on all levels of existence.  It is far more challenging to be fair and honest on the psychic plane, in the spiritual or energetic realm, than in the material world.

I invite you to examine your expectations and any subsequent actions (or non-actions).  One of the greatest contributors to imbalance is that we often expect something from others that can only be found within ourselves.  We all have expectations, it is the over-investing in them that leads to disharmony and our sense that give and take is unequal.

Karma is the result of an imbalance in fair exchange.  This applies equally to giving and receiving.  Today, practice being mindful of your giving and receiving and the energies attached to these actions.

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