Harvest is a very beautiful and very busy season.  If you have had the experience of living close enough to the land to be personally involved or affected by the  season of  harvest, you are familiar with the smells, good and not so good,  and the  ant-like frenzy; the drive to get the harvest in while crops are ripe and ready. 

In a life intentionally lived the harvest season is a regular opportunity to examine our personal crops.  To look thoughtfully, reflectively and as objectively as possible at what we have reaped, or are reaping.  Have the seeds we have sown, the plants we tended to maturity, viable.  Metaphorically, what is the state of our relationships, our integrity, our zest for life.   What needs adjusting, what needs to be abandoned or re-worked.  What is to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Tasting, feeling and participating in the changing of the seasons, changes that are reflected by the weather, by the presence of seasonal foods and seasonal celebrations, serve to give us notice, to remind us not to ignore the spiritual side of beingness.  It is a time to give thanks.

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