Intuition is the sixth sense.  Intuition is a knowing without knowing how you know.  In other words it is information that does not originate from an empirical source.  

We put much credibility in our other senses.  We know what we see, what we hear, what we feel, and what we smell.  We trust these senses, and indeed, this trust is necessary and essential to daily living. 

Yet, we have all experienced times when our eyes and ears have deceived us.  When what we thought we saw or heard was not what we saw and heard.  Ask four  people who have observed an identical scene and you are most likely to get four varied descriptions.  

Weather forecasting is just that…forecasting.  Predicting the financial climate is just that…predicting.  Granted, these are educated guesses, but they are guesses none the less.

Everyone is intuitive.   Skeptic or not, I invite you to look at your own life.  Where do your hunches come from? Why do you immediately trust or not trust someone you just met?  How did you know who was on the phone before you answered the call.  Where does this information come from?

Intuition extends the range of our awareness.  Intuition is a wonderful sense.

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