Is Your Faith Working For You?

We all have personal belief systems.  The basic tenets are most often rooted in our family of origin.  However, as we mature our belief systems shift, change or simply fall away.  We get on with the tasks of achieving and surviving in an increasingly challenging world;  and, taking our beliefs for granted, they frequently go untested.  It is when tragedy, illness, loss, separation, strife, any of the frailties that the human condition is heir to occur, that we reach out for the comfort and hope of our faith.

As a race we are moving rapidly toward the birth of a new age and the labor pains are getting closer and harder.  Now is the time to ‘plug-in’ to your belief system, to your faith. 

The word faith comes from Old English, Old French and Latin.  All define faith as belief, a confidence in or trust (of), especially without logical proof.  Faith is certainty.  Do you have the comfort of certainty in your life?  Does your belief system bring you peace in the face of crisis?  Inner harmony in the midst of strife?

The time is now.  Put your faith to work for you.  If needed, test, explore…rework your belief system to suit who you are; where you are; and, where you are going.

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