The Spiritual Path

“In the stillness of my Being I find perfect balance.  I am poised on the middle path between the invisible and visible, master of the poles of opposites, and I see the holy unity of  Spirit and matter.  I see the invisible domain of the Kingdom, and I see the manifest realm of heaven on earth.  I see my path illumined by the inner Light, extending from the secret place within out into the world of form and experience.

“I live with patience, determined to follow my path and fulfill my plan and then to carry out other plans in life as my future unfolds.  I gratefully accept all that greets me on the path, for I know that the activity of God is the Power in my life, and I trust the divine process.  I move forward, steady in the Light of my Holy Self and in the company of the angel, who will keep me in all my ways.”

The Angels Within Us,  John Randolph Price

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