Money Beliefs

Our attitudes about money are rooted in belief.  For example we approach money issues from a place of scarcity or abundance.  Beliefs about money play a significant role in how we attract, manage, spend and save money. 

We may believe that without money we are not valuable members of society;  that rich people are selfish; that poverty is a spiritual virtue.  There are a great many and varied beliefs that we hold about money, individually and collectively.

Much of our attitude and belief about money develops in our family of origin.  Sadly, as we grow up, few of us are taught good money sense,  how to use this commodity of exchange successfully.  We are most often not aware of the deep emotional attachments we have to money regardless of how much we have or don’t have. 

In crisis is opportunity.  Certainly the current economic situation gives us opportunity to examine our beliefs and attitudes about money and begin to take the steps necessary to change them.

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