Winter Readiness

Although it is not yet Halloween we have had some fair rain in our neck of the woods and temperatures are cooling.  These changes serve as good reminders that it is time to ‘get ready’ for Winter.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting rain above normal in our Pacific Southwest, so time to get a move on.

Our preparation list includes gutter-cleaning, changing furnace filters and making sure flashlights and lanterns have fresh batteries and fuel.  We live in earthquake country so this seasonal change is a good opportunity to check and rotate water and food reserves, make sure our first-aid supplies are in order, our portable radio has new batteries available, emergency phone numbers, as well as family numbers are readily available, that our computer and other major appliances and electronics have updated surge protection, and that we have made provision for our pets and animals too.  We keep a good supply of candles at hand, cards and games, and some fun foods.

Putting the yard to rest for the winter, wrapping outdoor piping to protect from bursting,  cleaning and  storing away our patio furniture, BBQs and fire-pits, are also part of the preparation for the coming cold season; as is moving winter clothing, gloves,hats and shoes to the forefront of the closet/bureau and putting away our summer frocks.

Keeping your gas-tank full and some cash on hand can make wheathering a severe storm or other emergency far less stressful.

Winter is a cozy time of year.  Getting prepared and being ready for the cold and stormy season will enhance your enjoyment of this special time of year.

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