November 2011
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An Inconvenient Truth

No, this isn’t about global warming unless a body fever and the spewing of noxious gases and toxic substances into the environment could be considered  contributing factors.  I am recovering from the flu; it has been over a week.  The’ inconvenient truth’ is that my daily routine has been brought to a standstill as my body wages war on the invading virus.

Now that I have passed through the 48 hours of pure hell (although punctuated interestingly by amazing, vividly colored dreams that were entertaining) my recovery is slow, demanding and tortuously inconvenient.  I am doing my utmost to honor my body; to not start pushing it around because I am impatient to be back on my feet at full speed.  I am very careful about what I am putting into it, not too hard since what is not accepted is quickly and  unpleasantly eliminated.  Move around too much or too fast and I break out into an uncomfortable, febrile sweat.

Hey, I have many responsibilities; I have clients to see and blogs to write; baking to do; correspondence to catch up on; people to care for; classes to teach…so can I just pass up the inconvenience of recovery at get back in action stat?

It is for me a great challenge to honor the body, to let it rest, to be kind, gentle and nurturing.  But I am learning.  It is a good lesson; profound in it’s ‘inconvenient truth’.  For the day will come when I don’t bounce back.  That time when I come to the end of the trail.  Although I will be leaving  my body behind, if I can master my impatience and allow the process, I know that transition will be so much easier.

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