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Late seemed like a good word for this week.  Monday is the day I post the Word for the Week and it is now Wednesday.  I don’t like being late.  Matter of fact the challenge for me is being chronically early.  I am happy to say I am getting better.  Fortunately for me and my blood pressure I am rarely irritated by the lateness of others, although I am occasionally disappointed.

My reason for being late this week is ‘due to technical difficulties’; sort of….  I was out-of-town and I had every confidence that I could use another computer to access the admin side of my Website and complete my obligation in a timely fashion.  I did not expect that because I was operating from a different computer that I would be asked for my password, which I didn’t have; not on paper, not in memory.  I tried a few times to put the right sequence together ( I do have some idea), but alas, it just would not click in.

So I am late.  We are all late at times for various reasons.  My plane was late yesterday because of a persistent headwind.  I am dashing around this morning so I won’t be late for my 9:00 appointment, which I ‘m intuiting is going to go overtime and then I will be late for the 10:30.

How do you handle being late, being too early, waiting, waiting and sometimes waiting some more?



I use Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake’s Angel Cards in my work.  At the end of each session my clients reach into a bag full of these little cards and they pick one.  It never ceases to amaze us all at how relevant the chosen card is to the theme of the consultation just ended.

Although I rarely choose a card myself, I was moved to do so this morning.  The card I chose was Education.  Curious about this choice, I opened the little Angel Card book to the following definition: “Cultivate your ability to learn from life’s rich patterns. You may not be able to establish the curriculum, but you can elect what courses to take at any given time and how to apply your knowledge.

This week I invite you to meditate on the wisdom of this definition of Education.


As you may know from past blogs, I am a fan of sky-watching.  Every year between the end of July and mid-August the Perseid Meteor Shower puts on a great show.  Sadly, I don’t always get to see the best and brightest it has to offer.  The full Moon and a good layer of Fog are the culprits.  (Oh, and sometimes I don’t wake up and get outside by 4:00 am).  In the past I have been known get at 3:00 am and head for any local ridge-top that will afford me great viewing.  Now days, I am out in the yard early,  head tilted up, eyes scanning like radar to catch sight of the  streaking meteors.

It is hard to describe the feeling I get when I watch this cosmic display.  It is wonder, awe, and giggly excitement all rolled into one.  It is humbling and renewing all at the same time.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking now in the Northern Hemisphere, with activity at 60 plus per hour today and tomorrow.  If you are inclined and able, I invite you to star-gaze with me.  Truely a mystical experience.



Sitting on my desk  is a ‘renewal Request’ for a magazine subscription.  The word Renewal caught my ‘Word for the Week’ attention, and I reflected on my Saturday guided meditation.  Experiencing, in little less than an hour, a deep relaxation and a profound energetic centering is a rich renewal.

To make new, to refresh, and to make strong, these are the primary definitions of renewal.  A vacation, a mental-health day, a lunch break, prayer and meditation, restful sleep, exercise, bathing, deep breathing, all these are some of the ways we renew our whole being.  However, to have the fullness of these experiences requires focus and intention; mindfulness.

It is not easy to achieve this renewal in a world, culture and society that is moving at breakneck speed, and, which is more often than not, chaotic and dissociative.  All the more reason to take a few moments to focus, intend, be mindful and renew.