August 2012
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Late seemed like a good word for this week.  Monday is the day I post the Word for the Week and it is now Wednesday.  I don’t like being late.  Matter of fact the challenge for me is being chronically early.  I am happy to say I am getting better.  Fortunately for me and my blood pressure I am rarely irritated by the lateness of others, although I am occasionally disappointed.

My reason for being late this week is ‘due to technical difficulties’; sort of….  I was out-of-town and I had every confidence that I could use another computer to access the admin side of my Website and complete my obligation in a timely fashion.  I did not expect that because I was operating from a different computer that I would be asked for my password, which I didn’t have; not on paper, not in memory.  I tried a few times to put the right sequence together ( I do have some idea), but alas, it just would not click in.

So I am late.  We are all late at times for various reasons.  My plane was late yesterday because of a persistent headwind.  I am dashing around this morning so I won’t be late for my 9:00 appointment, which I ‘m intuiting is going to go overtime and then I will be late for the 10:30.

How do you handle being late, being too early, waiting, waiting and sometimes waiting some more?


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