December 2012
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I have always lived with a certain level of organized personal clutter.  Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk?”  This comforting quote serves me well throughout the year.  However, there is a period of about three to four weeks late October through mid-November when my home office is a gargantuan mess.

This is the time when I bring the cornucopia of gifts I have collected throughout the year out of the closet;  join them up with recent purchases and then surround the pile with empty boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon and bows, scissors and tape.  I am blessed with a big circle.

I do prioritize; GGK’s (great-grand children) first, then GK’s (grandchildren), packages to mail, December birthdays, and finally the rest.  As I wrap, label, decorate and begin dispersing the mass to the garage for temporary storage, I listen to soul-soothing music to help me stay on track and not go nuts. I keep muttering to myself that I am not going to keep doing this, and then…another season sneaks up on me.  To my amazement the closet is again full of gifts and I am always surprised!

I forge through the resistance to go pyro or rent a dumpster.  And then the moment comes.  The last packages have been processed, mailed and warehoused.  I return unselected gifts along with all the accoutrement to the closet (which I took the time to re-organize).  I clean, dust and vacuüm.

Turning on the little twinklie lights that outline the window and listening to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir belt out ‘Hallelujah’, I am content.  The chaos is over.  My regular messy is wonderful!

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