January 2013
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It is that time of year in my neighborhood.  As many of you know I am not a fan of cold weather.  It is 7:30 am and the thermometer on the covered porch reads 28 degrees.  Not as freezing as yesterday, but at these temperatures two or three degrees difference are no matter.

What you probably don’t know is that I am a ‘energy miser’.  Beyond the usual energy-saving strategies is ‘babuska’ wear.  Yes, it is true.  Inside my home I wear a wool blend scarf twined around my head and neck.  I seriously  look like a Russian Grandmother.  I am also wearing two pairs of wool socks tucked into LL Bean slippers, two shirts and a house-frau jacket.  I have not yet found gloves adequate to keeping my fingers warm while using the computer and providing the flexibility needed.

I am not about to heat the whole house (no wood stove here) as I sit working in one room.

There are some other activities that help me  handle the cold.  Excercise. Any movement helps; dancing in the living room is one of my favs this time of year.  I also ‘save’ the dishes from the night before.  Doing double-duty, morning kitchen chores warm my hands and fingers.  Still would like to find the perfect gloves.  Of course, they need to match my ‘babuska’ outfit…or maybe not.

I am counting the weeks til Spring!



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  • ROberlin:

    That is a very funny image of yourself that you are presenting! I empathize as it is about 32-34 degrees here as well and was about 15 degrees last night–in Oklahoma–and the heat in our house is not working. The only positive thing about it is that supposedly it is easier to lose weight if your body is constantly trying to warm you up! I am also looking forward to Spring and the tulips, daffodils and iris.

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