February 2013
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One afternoon my Mother remarked that I had always been ‘a high energy person’.  I was over 60 at the time, and her remark was stunning.  I had never seen myself in that light.

Perhaps I should have been more aware of my high energy level because of my stubborn refusal to slow down…to go down.  As a consequence, when I did succumb, I usually went down long and hard.

Thankfully, I have learned to allow.  With certainty, one of the greatest challenges of my life’s path.  Allow some circumstances to unfold, rather than find solutions in 12 hours or less.  Allow myself to meditate on a decision; allow the dust to cover the furniture; allow the dishes to sit on the counter overnight…you get the picture.

The hardest part of allowing for me has been letting myself rest;   especially when my ‘high energy’ drops out.  Yesterday was such a day and I allowed.  I didn’t feel good but I had no specific symptoms.  I did feel really tired.

I did not clean, I did not do laundry, I did not do paperwork, I did not make phone calls, I did not work in the yard, I did not clean my car, I did not cook, I did not watch television.

I read.  I rested.  I read. I dozed.  I allowed!  I have also learned to take it slow and allow myself to ease back into my ‘high energy’.

This morning I feel good;  I no longer feel tired.  I am slowly moving into the day.  Quite a grand reward for allowing!

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