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My internal chatterbox is particularly active these past few weeks.  Thankfully,  I have developed some fruitful strategies for managing the glut of unwanted messages.

Opening an email from Spirituality & Health, (Sept/Oct 2013) not only reminded me to continue being diligent in managing my internal chatterbox, but listed five Apps to help quiet the mind. To wit:

At Ease.  Guided breathing exercises aim to ease anxiety, a journaling option allows you to track how well each session reduces stress. $2.99 both iPhone and Android at meditationoasis.com/smartphone-apps.

Optimism.  This action plan app helps you develop and monitor strategies for improving overall mood and monitoring symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. Free for iPhone and Android at findingoptimism.com.

Relaxing Nature SoundsThis popular app features 70 relaxing sounds to help with meditation, sleep, or physiotherapy. 99 cents for iPhone at rtstudio.net/ProductsRelaxation.html.

Chakra Meditation A beautiful interactive animation allows you to follow along visually while listening to a calming narration.  $2.99 for iPhone or Android at saagara.com.

Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold.   Narrated by the well-known author, this self-hypnosis app helps to alleviate stress and soothe you to sleep.  Free for iPhone at i-mobilize.com/relax-sleep-well-by-glenn-harrold.

For me a quiet mind is a peaceful mind.  I invite you to try these apps.  Allow yourself to intuitively choose your selection(s).


Morning Sky

In the wee early hour, looking heavenward, my breath catches as I view the crisp, starry morning sky.  It is a perspective; a stunningly visual affirmation of how small I am in the greater scheme of things.

Absorbed in the starry spectacle, I wondered what the view will be from my new home.  Although still a rural location, I will be closer to city lights.  And what about the other views that have become so familiar?  I know what I am leaving; I don’t  know what I am moving toward.

I like it very much; the look and feel of my new home.  It is a sweet little place.  Perfect for me as I begin the twilight journey of my life.  But it will be different.  I will adapt to the change;  I will wonder at my new vision of the early morning sky.

It will be different.


To read this week’s Blog, you will have to go to www.melannie-insights.com, and click ‘Morning Sky’.

Thank you all for your patience and ongoing support!  Wishing everyone an awesome week!



Google’s top two definitions of ‘miracle’ are:

– a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.
– a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Magnitude is only suggested.  We are all aware of miracles both  magnificent, and so small we may not take notice. There are life-changing miracles such as meeting your true soul mate, landing that perfect job, having the perfect home just drop into your lap. And then there are smaller, ‘day-changing’ events like the chance salesclerk who treats you like royalty, the car repair that turns out to be minor, the traffic that moves quickly when you thought you were running  late.

Let’s be on the lookout this week for miracles, miracles, miracles!


Change is inevitable.  For mortals it begins at conception.  We grow in Mother’s womb for nine months, and then we’re expelled.  This is the beginning of a lifetime of change.

Changes range from small and imperceptible to enormous and overwhelming.  Our bodies, our minds, our environments…all are constantly shifting.

There is joyful change, unwelcome change, little change, big change, traumatic change, ecstatic change, simple change, complex change, seasonal change, climate change, and aging.  The only constant is change.

Although change is an essential part of living and dying, we often rebel against it, try to avoid it, outsmart it, and just plain not face it.

I invite you this week to look at the nature of change in your life.  To make necessary adjustments; to find acceptance; to embrace change.