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We live in tumultuous times.  Thursday we celebrate our national day of Thanksgiving; and identifying what we are thankful for can be challenging.  

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this week, I invite you to take a few moments to  give thanks for our freedoms;  for the air we breathe;  for  hot, potable water that is accessible by a turn of the tap…you get the idea.  Being thankful for what we take for granted.

And there’s  the giving part of Thanksgiving.  Giving to a food bank, a homeless shelter, taking food to an elderly neighbor, volunteering time  with one of the many helping organizations in your area, all  great ways of caring and sharing…of giving. Remember our troops on active duty throughout the world and their families.

And, whatever your belief system, give thanks to the unseen Spirit of the Divine Provider.

Wishing you all a very peace filled Thanksgiving!




My first choice for Word of the Week was ‘gift’.  But as I reflected on the many gifts that pour into my life these days, blessing seemed the more appropriate word.

‘A thing conducive to happiness…’ is the definition I find most suitable for this moment.   My new home and new car (new to me) are dramatic examples of  blessing.  Without  loving, generous giving, I would not, could not,  afford these things conducive to my happiness.  This extends to the intangible as well, including the rich, abundant blessings from my garden of family, friends and clients.

I have written here before about acceptance.  I am joyfully filled  by  these expressions of care and support;  and very  grateful that I am able to allow myself to receive these blessings.

A fountain of gratitude bubbles in my heart.  Not only for the folks who have gifted me, but also for the Divine Power of Love, the God of My Heart in whom all things are possible.

Wishing you a shower of blessings this week that are conducive to your happiness!




My Father and several Uncles were Veterans of WWII.  Many of my friends and classmates served in Vietnam.  Today is Veteran’s Day.  A day for honoring the men and women who have served our country in wars fought over the years, including the Civil War.

Veteran’s Day is a national holiday.  I invite you to take a few minutes to give thanks to these gallant people and their families.  If you are local to the SF Bay Area, check out the Petaluma Parade, the biggest Veteran’s Day parade  north of the Golden Gate.  It is always enjoyable, emotional and full of American small-town flavor.

This traditional event, always held on November 11, begins at 1:00.  If you plan to go, get there early, as available parking fills up fast.


We all make decisions; snap decisions, thoughtful decisions, tough decisions, simple decisions, good decisions, bad decisions, informed decisions, intuitive decisions.  

We don’t spend too much time or give too much thought to dozens of daily decisions: what to wear, eat, read, watch, clean, cook, etc.  These are routine, almost automatic choices we make frequently throughout our day.  

Then we face the more challenging, sometimes difficult and often out-of-the-ordinary decisions: A new car or used car? Where to live?  Expensive shoes vs. cheaper shoes? Stay on budget or splurge?  And then there are philosophical decisions: Do I believe in God?  If so, what kind of God?  Do I decide to affiliate as a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent?

When facing difficult decisions, exploring and widening our options, consulting wise counsel, curbing our optimism or pessimism, and seeking Divine guidance are useful strategies.  Ask yourself what advice you would give your best friend, your partner, or your child.  If possible, use the 24 hour, sleep-on-it rule.   Accept that you will make decisions that you regret as well as ones that make you happy.

I invite you this week to look at how you make important decisions. 

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