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New Year 2013

It’s that time again – time to change calendars to 2014;  time for making and breaking resolutions; time for retrospection and introspection; time to rest.

As we continue in the labor of birthing a new age it is vital to take time for ourselves – time to renew, to ground, to pray and meditate, to nurture and heal; to allow joy; to connect with Spirit.

Wishing you all the ‘gift’ of time in the coming year.  


Christmas 2013

It is Christmas eve eve.  I momentarily got a little frantic as I realized how unprepared I am for Christmas this year.

Stepping back from the shopping, baking, cards, visits and other activities of the season, I settled into ‘I don’t have to….’  I don’t have to let my type ‘A’ energy hook up to the onslaught of commercialism that pounds on the door of my Christmas consciousness.  I have choices.

I played Christmas music and baked with enjoyment.  I eschewed the shopping hordes.  What I have done is what I have done.  With the aroma of cookies filling the house and the Hallelujah chorus making me tingle, I wrapped a few gifts, made a few calls and relaxed into the moment.

Our tree is beautiful, our neighborhood festive.  I look forward to enjoying family and friends and especially the unconditional love of the Spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!!





Saturday’s Solstice heralds the return of the light.  Most of the country suffers in the grip of freezing cold.  I find it hard to imagine the warmth that is coming, but I rejoice in knowing that I will thaw out eventually.

I am so done with this deep, bone-chilling, record-setting cold.  I have curbed my grumbling and complaining after the spate of hypothermia deaths suffered by the homeless in the Bay Area.  I struggle to stay warm, but my struggle pales markedly in comparison to so many others.

Solstice offers time for introspection.  In keeping with a recent blog, I am ever so grateful for a sound roof over my head, hot water, heat, indoor plumbing, a stove to cook on and food to eat.  Things easily taken for granted, especially in seasons of warmth.

I invite you to celebrate Solstice with giving and gratitude.




Life has an abundance of tough moments – none more so than the loss of a loved one.  Cycles of birth and death are part of the human experience.

A passing over that’s expected is no less traumatic than a sudden, unexpected loss.  But they are different.  And when they come this time of year, there is an added sadness.

The ‘Merry’ in Christmas is not so merry.  The tinsel, the lights, the giving of the season, all lose luster.  The lights are not as bright, giving is poignant, and celebration is muted.  However the Holy Spirit is closer.  And if we allow that presence, we are comforted.

My heart flushes with tears around your loss.  I love you cousin!


Savoring a mug of cinnamon laced hot tea, I realized how comforting and satisfying is a good cup of tea.

My beloved Grandmother made the best iced tea in the world.  But like her Southern Fried Chicken and Cornbread stuffing, try as I might, my tea just does not hit her mark. But that does not stop me from enjoying the rich pleasures of tea.

Tea has a long history.  Perhaps dating as far back as 1000 BC in China. Tea is an essential part of Chinese medicine,  and has many contemporary applications for healing.  And, it would be an oversight not to mention the ramifications of The Boston Tea Party spilling over into contemporary politics.  However, my focus is  enjoyment of tea.

Tea ceremonies thrive in almost all cultures of the world; Britain and Japan being most notable.  If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing High Tea, you are missing out on a memorable event.   Several first class hotels throughout the world offer High Tea and traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies.  For example, the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans serves an authentic English High Tea.  They also offer themed Teas; The Princess Tea for young girls and The Alice in Wonderland Tea.  And, at the Kitano in New York,  you can arrange a Japanese Traditional Tea Gathering Ceremony.

I am happy to have found a Jasmine tea like one from my youth.  I love Rooibos and Blackberry.  In summer,  Hibiscus and Mint over ice with a squeeze of Meyer Lemon is so refreshing.  And watching Numi tea blossom in clear glass pots is simply downright cool.

Won’t you join me?  Any season is a good season for tea.



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