May 2014
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“I don’t go to church and rarely meditate in a formal way.  I wear ordinary clothes and eat an ordinary diet. I have an aversion to much of the language I hear and read from today’s spiritual sources.  I don’t aim to be whole, I don’t feel a need for special community, I don’t want to live in the present, and I would rather figure out how to be comfortable in life’s complexity and darkness than to find the light.”

So writes Thomas Moore, Psychotherapist and former Monk,  in Spirituality & Health, May/June 2014.  I resonated with much of what he said.  Although, I have worked hard to be ‘present’;  for me, the ‘trick’ to traveling my life path, is finding the way between the opposites. Walking as best I can between piety and impiety.  I don’t want to be too spiritual.  I don’t want to be too mundane.

Moore cites the wisdom of Sioux mystical teacher, Black Elk, that what we need is to see in a sacred manner.  The handiwork of Divine Intelligence is all around us. We need only open our vision to it’s crystal clear presence.

I really identify with Moore when he says, “This isn’t simple piety.  A sacred vision is something you win through deep initiations, painful endurance of illness and setbacks, and a willingness to take life on rather than avoid it.”

Some heady grist for the mind’s mill.  Late Spring is a perfect time to open our eyes to the experience of  sacred seeing.


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