September 2015
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Fall Equinox 2015

This Wednesday marks the coming of fall.  Sunday there will be a total Lunar Eclipse.  A time to finish the harvest and begin preparation for winter.  If predictions are realized, this will be a powerful El Nino winter.

For many of us in Lake, Napa, and Sonoma Counties, it will also mark a time of profound loss.  There will be much to do in the coming months and years.  The people of Lake County are a rugged, independent bunch.  They will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

There are many ways to help with the recovery effort.  Redwood Credit Union has a donation fund with a 100% going to benefit Lake County residents.  The Red Cross, on the front line everywhere, is always in need of our support.  And there are several sites accepting help for the many animals that need vet care, food (as many fields were lost) and homes.  As well as efforts to connect missing pets with owners.

Firefighters, several of whom lost their homes to the conflagration, deserve our support and immense gratitude.  Especially those on the front line at the beginning, who were faced with really difficult decisions.

Thank you all for your prayers, concerns, sympathies and support during this difficult time.

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