April 2017
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Are you an Empath?

There is a difference between being an Empath and an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person, see Blog Post June 2015).   The difference between being Clairsentient and being an Empath is a much finer line.

Empaths attract people who are comfortable sharing their life’s drama and trauma with them.  Often stating that they ‘feel much better’ after sharing their story.  However, the Empath often feels drained, depressed and exhausted.

Empaths can literally take on the physical and emotional distress of others without being aware of what is happening.  They are often overwhelmed in crowded places.  Empaths, like Clairsentients, can instantly detect others’ feelings.

Many people with strong intuition are giant psychic sponges; soaking up emotional energy that is not theirs.  For the Empath this experience is greatly heightened. This accumulation of energy often leads to exhaustion, depression, and physical illness.

An Empath cannot change who they are, so their work is to create skills and behaviors that mitigate negative effects.

Setting boundaries with oneself and others is critical to Empathic health.  Don’t allow yourself to be a captive audience to sagas of misfortune and suffering.  This does not mean turning a deaf ear; it does mean setting limits.

Learning techniques for grounding that are appropriate for you.  Meditation, prayer, getting into Nature, an Epsom bath, with the prayerful intention of drawing out accumulated energy.  Earthing. Learn to discern what feelings are yours, and what feelings are not yours.  Taking care of your etheric body.  Finding methods of protection that work for you.  For example, wearing protective crystals.

Once these skills and practices are firmly in place, Empaths and Clairsentients can contribute much to the health and well-being of others and the planet at large.

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