June 2017
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In my area we are in the throes of an extended heat wave.  It is as prudent to prepare for heat as it is for extreme cold.  Following are some tips and guidelines for managing the next several days.

Be aware.  Note the hottest days, and the hottest part of the day.  Make plans accordingly.

Prepare for power outages and brown outs.  If you lose your air conditioning or you don’t have air conditioning, go to the mall, a movie, the library, the beach and/or a favorite swimming hole.  If you are staying home, take a cool showers or baths.

Check on elderly relatives and neighbors.  The elderly, the sick and small children are most vulnerable to the effects hot weather.

Make sure you are using sun screen on yourself and your children.  Wear hats, loose fitting, light colored clothing.

DON’T leave children and pets in enclosed vehicles!

Eat several small, light meals and stay HYDRATED.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Make sure your garden is well watered.  Deep watering is more effective the frequent surface spraying.  And don’t forget your houseplants, air conditioning can dry them out quickly.

Slow down. Acquaint yourself with heat-related emergencies.

The gifts of really hot weather are the cool mornings and warm evenings.  Enjoy them by taking care of yourself throughout the hottest parts of the day.

I invite you to be ‘heat-smart’ this coming week as you celebrate the Summer Solstice.


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