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Your Future

The future is fluid; very little is set in stone.  Part of our future is determined by circumstances, part by ‘fate’ and then there is ‘free-will’; our personal effort and commitment and the consequence of our decisions or indecisions.

I invite you to do an exercise of intention.  Create some quiet, centered, personal space, and write a letter to yourself  from the future you desire.  The focus can be in your career, your relationships, personal habits you want to overcome, and/or personal goals you would like to achieve.  You can address one issue or multiple issues.  Be as specific as possible not only regarding the end result, but also with the behaviors it will take to accomplish these goals.  Share how the success feels.  Be realistic.

Be thoughtful.  Be kind.  As you write your letter treat yourself with respect and encouragement.  Affirm and support yourself.  Acknowledge your fears, soothe and remove them.  Do a draft first, because you deserve  to be the recipient of a neatly, hand-written letter from your future. 

When you are finished, put the letter in an envelope and address it to yourself.  Then give it to a trusted friend, asking them to mail it to you in one month.  Do not omit this important step.

In this exercise, you will have set and defined your intention, and created usable strategies for attaining your future goals.

Start now…your future is waiting!

Labor Day

This is the Labor Day Holiday weekend.  Originating in the late 1800’s Labor Day was designated as a day of rest, to honor the contribution of labor to the prosperity of our Nation.

Currently, Labor Day marks the end of summer, the beginning of school, and the last opportunity for family outings.  A three-day weekend for most, it is often a time to begin preparations for the coming winter season.

In the current economic crisis wherein the American work force is no longer recognized or properly valued for it’s contribution to economic health, growth and prosperity, it seems even more important to honor this Holiday.  We are all painfully aware of the distance between Wall Street and Main Street.  According to Equilar, an executive compensation research firm,  the average income last year for an S&P executive was $7.5  million.  Yearly median pay for private-sector workers in the U.S. in 2008 was $30,000; $36,000 with added in benefits. Yet, interestingly, according to the Saturday Evening Post, Jul/Aug 2010, the “U.S. is the world’s leading manufacturer, producing goods valued in excess of $1.5 trillion.”

There are several things that cannot be taken from the American worker:  A strong work ethic, solid pride in performance and craftsmanship, unbridled ambition, and a willingness to roll up our sleeves and do whatever is necessary to forge ahead.

So, I invite you to take a few moments from your weekend to learn more about ‘Labor Day’.  To honor the working men and women, past and present, who substantially contribute to the greatness of our nation.


Bliss is defined as ‘ecstatic joy’, ‘serene happiness’, and ‘the ecstasy of salvation’.  Bliss is often connected to enlightened states of being.  What can be a challenge to our quest for sustaining bliss is a belief  that once enlightenment is achieved it becomes a permanent state.  Yet what we discover is that bliss and enlightenment are not constants.  Like the ebb and flow of the tides and the cycles and seasons of time, they come and go.  Bliss and enlightenment are states of being; and like a successful, rigorous scientific experiment, they are repeatable.

Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury, ruling mental acuity and communication, appears to reverse it’s course four times a year.  We are currently experiencing a Mercury Retrograde which began on August 2o and will end on September 12.

I have received a greater number than usual of calls from clients about the difficulties and challenges this particular Retrograde is presenting. 

As confounding and frustrating as this period may be for you, like all seasons and cycles there are gifts to be gleaned.  Each Retrograde shines  light on a specific area or topic.  This one provides an excellent opportunity to review your ‘communication’ style, literally and technically.  Observe what is working and what is not.  Determine what, if anything, can be or needs to be changed. 

In crisis there is opportunity.  Embrace the opportunity!

Word For The Day

The word for today is turning.  Although the Fall Equinox is almost a month away we are beginning to feel the turning.  Moving into another season.  This is a good time to begin preparations for winter.  Allow yourself to feel the shift and to be in harmony with the changing season, literally and metaphorically.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching and Spiritual Guidance/Coaching are becoming more mainstream as people struggle with our down economy.  People are  seeking new ways of achieving their personal and professional goals.

Although we all have the answers within us, a skilled Coach can draw them out and help direct us to solutions that not only suit who we are, but put our feet squarely on our path.

“Thank you so much for your insights and your seamless perceptions.  It is so helpful to me.”   Carol S.

The Coaching process can be defined as a ‘creative partnership’.  I have been Life Coaching for several years.  It is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business.

“I place so much value on your kindness, insight and wisdom which has always been so validating to me.  Thank you for being honest with me .  I hope you know how much you are appreciated!”  Kerry H.

Reading Signatures

I will be Reading Signatures at the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market on Sunday May 30. This reminded me that I have been ‘reading signatures’ for more than 35 years. It is quite an amazing gift; and what I do is purely intuitive.

However, there is the field of scientific handwriting analysis that is used in the Criminal Justice system and also by Companies and Corporations seeking to screen potential employees. The oldest and most widely recognized school for teaching ‘grapho-analysis’ is IGAS. There is also ‘Grapho-Theraputics’, which is a handwriting therapy.

Although I was very attracted to the scientific method, I long ago had to make a decision to go in one direction or the other. I decided to stay with my intuitive style. It was the right choice for me, my career and the clientele I serve.

Memorial Day

On this special day I invite you to take some time to acknowledge, remember and honor family, friends and the fallen heros that have served our country.

Are You Intuitive?

Yes you are! Everyone is intuitive. In our culture most people don’t believe they are intuitive, and many people believe that intuition simply does not exist.

For proof, simply look at your own life experience. “I knew it was you!” is a common response to a phone call from family or friend. Intuition is like any other sense. And like the sense of taste, for example, it can be cultivated, trained and made a useful part daily living.

Take a few moments each day to observe your ‘intuitive’ experiences. Note ‘the way’ you receive the information, your particular style, and, learn to ‘trust’ the process. You will soon be on your way to understanding and using your extra sense.

Feeling Anxious?

Heart pounding? Feel anxious? Full of nervous tension? Absolutely one of the fastest ways to calm down and center is by taking three deep breaths. It is a simple age-old technique that can be done virtually anywhere and it is FREE!

The key is to take as deep a breath as you are comfortable doing, inhaling through your nose. Hold the breath to the count of four…one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. Then exhale slowly and completely via your mouth. Hold the release to the count of four; and then repeat two more times. If you are unable to hold the intake or release to the count of four, hold it for as long as is comfortable for you.

Daily practice of this excercise is an invaluable tool for Finding Your Center.

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