June 2012
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As I enter the seventieth decade of my life, stretch takes on some new dimensions for me.  Beyond stretching the body, which now occurs automatically in every morning, because I need a good stretch just to be able start walking, there is the stretching of my mind.  Having grown up in a time without computers, or television for that matter, the age of technology is a challenge.

My first computer arrived in the mid-nineties was used, and had a green screen (or was it blue?).  I never took a formal computer class.  A couple of friends showed me how to long on and off.  Then I put that PC through trials of fire.  I had no fear of ruining anything because it was so old.  I went into all the drives…greek to me.  Learned to crudely navigate windows and found a degree of comfort and functionality; all without really ‘knowing’ what I was doing.

Fast forward to 2012.  I can manage my PC pretty well, although I am still often surprised when I end up somewhere, in some program or ‘net’ and I don’t know how I got there.  Then came my iPhone.  Uh….  My number one Grandson got me hooked up to the app store, installed code and safety features along with Skype (which I have not yet used), instagram, iTunes, game center (which I love), Facebook, and Vtok all in about ten minutes.  It took me over a half hour just to install the square.  I will be making a date with the geeks at the Apple store cause things keep popping up that I am interested in, but can’t get into (like wi-fi) and the self picture-taking, which I can’t seem to control. Then in my momentary bravado I loaded Dragon Naturally Speaking onto my PC.  Uh….

It is common knowledge that as one ages it is important to continue to exercise, not just the body but also the mind.  So I find myself stretching my grey matter into the techno-age in a way that makes my Grandchildren giggle and my Great-Grandchildren wonder what’s wrong with me that I just can’t  seem to ‘get it’.  But I am determined to muddle through.

What are you stretching?



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