September 2013
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I began reducing the size of my material goods  two weeks ago.  I am into it, I’m  obsessed.  I missed my annual spring purge and the amount of ‘stuff’ I have is weighing me down.  But this downsize is a biggie,  far beyond spring cleaning.  I am moving to a smaller space.

I started the downsize with my books.  Then into my closets.  My really large 4 drawer file cabinet is empty, reduced to 2 medium-sized  boxes.  My dresser drawers are now only a third full.  My Granddaughter took four boxes of kitchen goodies home.  And Redwood Gospel Mission is coming to pick up a truck load of goodies.

The sorting process is an extended walk down memory lane.  I found a cache of baby teeth.  Can’t imagine their donor’s would want them at this stage of their lives, so out they went.  I was sailing through my closets until I came to a beautiful dress that was a gift.  My immediate thought was, “I can’t give this away.”  Then I realized I have never worn it;  gone!

I threw out my college transcripts.  I kept years of poetry.  It feels great.  It is empowering to go to the deepest levels of this downsizing.

The basis of Capitalism is  consuming and acquiring.   Deep downsizing is making me less inclined to consume and  acquire.  Instead,  bringing my focus to what I need and what I really use.



















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