April 2012
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As I contemplate what I will plant in the garden this spring, I am thinking about seeds, specifically Hericot Verts (delicious little green beans).   Seed as a noun basically means, capable of reproducing.  The majestic awe of seeds is:  we can plant them, nourish them, tend them, harvest them (and their product), and save them for next season; but the  real sprouting, the creation of life, is beyond our province.

As I thought more about heirloom seeds, I just happened across the work of Dr. Vandana Shiva and her fight against Monsanto and the GMO movement.  Her message is powerful and compelling!  It gave me a deeper insight into the debate on bio-diversity and it’s importance to our very survival.

This information coupled with recently reading an article in Spirituality & Health magazine profiling the astounding changes genetic engineering has made in wheat  has me looking seriously at this issue.  In his book, Wheat Belly , William Davis M. D.  outlines his concerns about the rise of gluten intolerance, glycemic rebounding, weight problems and the effects on overall health from modified wheat.

So, I have resolved to plant heirlooms and save seeds for planting next year (which in some parts of the world is a crime).  I have done it before, but I have been lazy about my vegetable gardening and now it is time to return to sustainable practices.

Entering Spring, it is my hope that I have given you some seeds for thought.


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